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Progress2Work ending


Very sad! The best ever initiative to support drug users into employment (P2W) ends on 30th June.  And no, this work will not be undertaken in the Work Programme.

Over the years P2W has helped thousands of recovering drug addicts back into work. Unfortunately the very targeted nature of the work programme will mean that all the resources for employability will be presented to the people who need the least help. (i.e. those who need the help the least) simple market forces.

The government has attempted to create a profiling scheme for payments to the providers but the essence of P2W has been missed.

Those individuals – who once smoked a spliff at a party – will be targeted by the prime providers as users of illegal drugs.  This way they can claim an outcome payment.

Profiling people for employability does not work. It just makes the cherry picking more sinister.  Put it this way, you’re operating a commercial work programme contract and you can get a £2,000 payment for placing a long term prisoner into sustainable work. They will end up offering prison officers backhanders for referrals of prisoners who have a good previous work history and are very employable and providing no support for the majority of prisoners who need it.

It stinks!!!!


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